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old not so amazing drawings of famousish peopleies YAY ME [May. 10th, 2007|01:37 pm]
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I havn't drawn any protraits since Octorber since Uni. has kept me so busy. I've done costume sketeches and design but no real peoples. Sadness. I was going thew the book I keep my portraits in and decided to put up all the ones of the famous people I've drawn for practice(their GREAT for portrait practice since their good looking and have great photos for ref.). Their old thoguh ranging from 2005-october......bad me >.< Thier also now super great because except for the oldest which is charchol everyone is done in mechanical pencil YAY ME!!

(my fav. from 05 but still...Johnny is smexy ness

One of my first real people drawing that looked like a person. Its old...like maybe 04...

Another oldied...well they all are. But my first pencil one. I need to draw him again only...better.

WILLY WONKA. Not really good but I do like the hair and again its johnny so I have to like it ehehehe

HARRY POTTER, again! And girly...I'm not sure how I ended up making him so girly.....

Jake!YAY! I never finished it...on day I will....one day......maybe PS: Can you tell my scanners broken and this is digital camera ahahahahahah bad me

Dr. spencer reid from criminal minds. Present for a friend since we love him, he's a very funny person in real life. The actor I mean, Gubler. Go look up his 'unoffical doc.' on you tube. Theirs 5 up now. You will piss yourself laughing...you really will.