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Spring photoshoot. - Random thoughts of a Crazy Girl [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Spring photoshoot. [May. 23rd, 2007|11:04 pm]
[music |wicked- defying gravity]

Photoshoot happened on the 19th. Awsome fun (even if I did have to leave early for work), a good turn out and some amusing pic XD Still waiting for a few more people took to surface ( I hope). Here's some of my favs. that Catpaw took of me with others ^__^ I was Captain Jack Sparrow of course!!

my fav pic!!

Jello believes that Jack desevered it...

Jack Passes his beloved hat on to Sora after he help save the black pearl

Jack approves of the new pirate wench ( I love my face here XD)

Jack does...er, I'm not sure what I'm doing to Mana here actually. Making him laugh.

the girls beat Jack with flowers, I need part two of this where Sora came running in the they beat both of us while we clung to each other in fear.

Jack And Sora celebrate the start of spring, we's so pretty X3 (its also been pointed out I look short here which is an interesting feet since I'm really like ...5'11)

This was quite litterally a spontainiously occuring can-can

Like this pic. too, funny since it was just taken when Jello and I were standing their waiting.